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A Book Way Over Due For The Professional Painter

From Bold To Old
Paint Formulas For Fade

By Kathleen Wilson

Until now a faded color has always been a dilemma. This book is a tool to help anyone that tints color. Painters want to know how to do it quickly. Here it is in a book just for you. Bold to Old is based on Chroma and easy formulas on how to make a bright color look faded. The knowledge of Color theory is very important.

Hue, Value and Chroma. This book is helpful to the automotive Industry, oil painting restoration, repairing from graffiti damage. Anything that needs touching up. I have tinted a range of colors from new cars, to old cars, motorcycles, bikes, brick, fences, gates to motor homes. Use Fade Formulas on a daily basis. It works great!

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